Zhu Wei 朱伟 (b.1966)

Born in 1966 in Beijing, Zhu Wei is one of China’s most visible contemporary practitioners of the post-Tiananmen period, Zhu Wei is known for his subtly quizzical critique of politics and society in a rapidly evolving China.

Faithful to that country’s quintessentially classical artistic medium, Chinese painting, the Beijing-born-and-based Zhu is principally a painter. He is the first Chinese contemporary artist to bring the traditional painting method into the contemporary art world. While other Chinese artists of the time were engaged in "Political Pop" and "Cynical Realist" work, Zhu Wei explored the traditional gongbi method as a way to represent the socio-political climate that was happening in China and the possibilities it represented.

In recent years, however, the artist has broadened his formal reach to include print-making as well as figurative sculpture. His China China series of monumental Mao-jacket-clad Chinese cadres, begun in 2000, has achieved iconic status. In most of his works, his vision often seems anguished and alienated, personal and political at the same time.



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