Xiao Hong 肖红 (b.1966)

Born in Inner Mongolia in 1966, Xiao Hong is a rising contemporary artist who shotto fame for his “Intellectual Youth” series that he created in the 1990s. Xiao grad-uated from the Oil Painting Department of Inner-Mongolia Normal University in1990.

Drawing inspirations from the murals of Dun Huang, Xiao Hong’s most iconic por-traiture paintings, the ‘Face Series’, merges images from the Cultural Revolution with portraits the everyday people. Each scene has been deftly manipulated to meld with each other.Xiao Hong’s work often deals with uncomfortable topics: the prosecution from the Red Guard army features prominently in many of his works. It serves as a remind of the past but also offers a glimmer of hope for the freedom and liberty of future generations.

1966年出生于内蒙古,肖红是一位冉冉升起的当代艺术家,他在上世纪90年代创作的“知 识青年”系列作品使他一举成名。1990年毕业于内蒙古师范大学油画系。

肖红最具代表性的肖像画“脸谱系列”取材于敦煌壁画,将文革时期的人物形象与日常生 活中的人物形象融合在一起。每个场景都经过巧妙的处理。肖红的作品经常涉及令人不安的话题: 如《红卫兵检举》在他其他诸多作品中也都有表现。 它是对过去的一种警醒,但也为后代的自由带来了一线希望。


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