Fang Lijun 方力钧 (b.1963)

Fang Lijun, born in Handan city of Hebei province in 1963, graduated in Printmaking at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. After graduated, he started his professional career in yuanmingyuan artists' village. He has been appointed as Ambassador for Peace since 2012 for a term of two years for the Peace and Development Foundation, United Nations Development Programme, and also has been hired as dean of Contemporary Research Center of China National Academy of Painting on Aug. 14, 2013. now works and lives in Beijing.

To date, Fang Lijun has held almost 50 solo exhibitions in major art museum in both East and the West. His participation includes the Venice Biennale and Sǎo Paulo Biennial, and his works are collected by The Museum of Modern Art (USA), Centre de G. Pompidou (France), The National Gallery of Australia (Australia), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (USA), Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst (Germany), CP Foundation (Indonesia), Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (Japan), Shanghai Art Museum (China), Guangdong Art Museum (China), He Xiangning Art Museum (China), as well as other major art collection agencies and private collectors.For his outstanding influence in the realm of art, Fang lijun has been invited as a visiting professor in more than 20 universities


方力钧 1963 年出生于中国河北邯郸,1989 年毕业于中央美术学院版画系。毕业后,进入圆明园画家村,开始其职业艺术家生涯。2012 年 4 月被联合国和平发展基金会聘为“和平大使”,任期两年;2013 年 8 月 14 日被聘为中国国家画院当代艺术研究中心主任。现生活、创作于北京。

方力钧至今已在东西方的重要美术馆举办过将近 50 次个展,参加过威尼斯双年展、圣保利双年展等重要的活动;作品被纽约现代美术馆、蓬比杜国家艺术中心、澳大利亚国立美术馆、旧金山现代美术馆、路德维希·科布伦茨美术馆、CP 基金会、福冈亚洲美术馆、上海美术馆、广东美术馆、民生现代美术馆、何香凝美术馆,以及其他重要收藏机构和个人收藏。因为艺术领域里的杰出影响力,方力钧被国内二十余所大学聘为客座教授。

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