Cai Zhi Song 蔡志松 (b.1972)

Cai Zhisong

Internationally renowned sculptor, one of the most iconic and famous Chinese sculptor of our time.

In 1997 he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Sculpture, then he taught at this department for 10 years. Cai Zhisong is now a professional artist who lives and works in Beijing. His major works consist of the “Motherland” series, “Rose” series, “Clouds” series, and “Homeland” series.

Amongst the numerous awards which he has been awarded, these several are the most important: 2001 the Taylor Prize at the Paris Autumn Salon when he was 29, becoming the highest honor won by Chinese artists in its 103-year history; 2004 he was awarded the President’s prize at Central Academy of Fine Arts. 2011 he was invited to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale. 2012 he was selected as global “100 Art Leaders” on the cover of “Art Actuel” in France. In the same year, he was rated “Art Authority Figures”. 2013 he was honored as Mr. Uno, and was also selected as 2013 Global Chinese Fashion Leader. In 2014 Cai won the Rockefeller Chinese Outstanding Young Artist Prize, and was granted the Annual Influence Special Artist Award. In 2016 Cai was honored China Robb Report “Best of the Best” Annual Artist. In 2017 he was honored the “Man of the Year (Art)” in the 14th Esquire, and the “Art Leaders”..

Cai has created the highest auction record for a Chinese sculptor in the international art market for three times, and his art works have been collected by many well-known museums, art galleries and art institutions, including: Rockefeller Foundation for the Arts, Tyler Foundation, Newark Museum of Art in the United Sates, Museum of Regensburg in Germany, Museum of Fine Arts of Greece, The National Museum of Indonesia, The National Gallery of Singapore, Deutsche Bank, Belgium Embassy in China, The National Museum of China, The National Art Museum of China, the Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts (formerly CAFA Gallery), etc.

Cai’s artistic creation and academic activity have a wide effect on the wider community. In the past year, Cai has cooperated with many brands and enterprises. from different industries such as Mercedes Benz Coupe S500, Jaguar XJ, Range Rover, BMW Z4, Porsche, Audi A8, Lincoln SUV, Lafite, Moët & Chandon, Rémy Martin 1898, the Singleton 53, Dior, Breguet, Berluti, and Waldorf Astoria. In addition, Cai activity promotes the fusion of art and other fields of society.




从事艺术工作以来曾获奖几十次,其中比较重要的有:2001年,获法国巴黎秋季沙龙最高奖——“泰勒大奖”,成为该活动103年历史中首次获此殊荣的中国艺术家,时年二十九岁;2004年获中央美术学院院长奖;2011年应邀参加第54届威尼斯双年展;2012年入选法国《Art Actuel》评出的年度“全球100名艺术领袖”,并荣登封面;2012年获评“中国艺术权力人物”;2013年获评“中国风度人物”、“年度华人时尚领袖”;2014获“洛克菲勒中国杰出青年艺术家”大奖、“年度影响力特别艺术家奖”;2017年获评第十四届“时尚先生”、“艺术领军人物”。


艺术创作及学术活动社会影响广泛,跨界合作丰富,曾与奔驰 Coupe S500 、捷豹XJ、路虎揽胜、宝马Z4、保时捷、2018款奥迪A8、林肯SUV、拉菲、酩悦、人头马1898、苏格登53年、Dior、宝玑、Berluti、华尔道夫等品牌和企业集团多次合作,并积极推动艺术与社会各个领域的融合。

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