Cai Lei 蔡磊(b.1983)

Cai Lei have grounded his work in experiences of spaces and materials, in sculptural qualities. With the methods of relief sculpture as a foundation, he brought transformations of the two-dimensional properties and three-dimensional visuals unique to relief sculpture into his experiences and recreations of everyday spaces. Through the recreationof real materials and the transformation of three-dimensional and two-dimensional forms, Cai Lei changed the spatial relationships and practical logic of the things that are involved in artist's life every day, presenting sculpture in a way that is more akin to installation. At the same time, using visual dislocation to change people's visual experiences builds the "reality" of artistic realism and the "truth" of philosophical realism.

Cai Lei is a artist born after the 80s. He has participated in many important exhibitions at home and abroad and won awards, including the Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art (Chongqing), the Taylor Foundation (Paris), the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum (Beijing), and the Poly Art Museum (Beijing), The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville (USA), Today Art Museum (Beijing), Bonn Contemporary (Germany), etc.




蔡磊是八十后艺术家,曾多次参加国内外重要展览并获奖,包括长江当代美术馆(重庆),泰勒基金会(巴黎),中央美术学院美术馆(北京),保利艺术博物馆(北京),杰克逊维尔当代艺术馆 (美国),今曰美术馆(北京),波恩当代艺术馆 (德国)等。
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