Zhang Linhai Online Exhibition

From: 2019.05.01
To: 2019.05.31
By: Linda Gallery

Linda Gallery Proudly presents Zhang Linhai Online Exhibition.

About The Artist

Zhang Linhai was born in Shanghai in 1963, Zhang Linhai grew up in Shexian County of Hebei Province and graduated from Print department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 1990. His artworks participated in international exhibitions for many times among which there are shows held in main cities of Europe from 2002 to 2004. He had participated in Chinese contemporary art touring exhibitions held in Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Italy, Ludwig Museum of Hungary, MKM Museum of Germany, Portland City Hall Art Gallery, La Lionja of Spain and others, as well as domestic shows held in Today Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, etc. His works has been incorporated into collections by a number of institutions and private collection, including Shanghai Museum (Shanghai), Today Art Museum (Beijing), Berlin China Association (Germany), HSBC Bank (Germany), Wiederkehr Art Foundation (Leastricht), de Heus-Zomer Collection Barneveld (Netherlands), Porsche family ( Switzerland), Schoeni Family Hong Kong, Treasure szechk Automotive Group (Germany), MoCa Contemporary Art Museum (Singapore), National Museum of Indonesia (Jakarta), etc. Private collectors include Germany, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Austria, Brazil, the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, China and so on region.

About Fairy Tale

As seen from the perspective of the Creator - the pleasure of “fairy tale" should not have age boundaries. The mature adult world is actually more exhilarating, more absurd, more embarrassing, more illusory, more exaggerated, and more cruel, and literally more imposing in meaning and morals. ...but most importantly in this real life "fairy tale" drama —— the protagonist is both the choreographer and performer, both perpetrator and victim. After years of accumulation, whether this fairy tale reflects a comedy or tragedy it has an inner voice which last longer, causing an outcry.

                                                                                             Zhang Linhai 2019.09