Exhibition 展览 | Temptation of Fruitless Flower - Jiang Shuo & Wu Shaoxiang New Works 无果花的诱惑 - 蒋朔&吴少湘新作展

Linda Gallery is proud to present the new exhibition of Jiang Shuo and Wu Shaoxiang's recent works “Temptation of Fruitless Flower”. This is the first duo-exhibition since inauguration of the new Linda Gallery space in 2019. It will take the opportunity to revisit and open up a new art journey for the gallery. The exhibition will focus particularly on the both artists’ new works from the past three years, demonstrating the artists’ latest practices in sculptural language. The exhibition will feature more than 20 pieces of comprehensive material sculptures and paintings by Wu Shaoxiang. Jiang Shuo has over 10 bronze sculptures. The exhibition will open on April 28 2019 at 16:00, it will continue until May 28 2019.

Wu and Jiang believe that the trees and flowers of the world, in addition to produce fascination, bear fruits for sowing. But there are always some others that bloom and bear no fruits, spending seasons under the summer heat and freezing winter, in order to have a fleeting moment to blossom and show its appearance, colour and fragrance in a blink of eye. The artists' life is like this fruitless flower. Despite the limited practical value in art, artistic creation is one kind of individual spiritual sustenance and expression. Their working process are fruitless, yet their value (if there are any, it is additional) are Flowers! Although the vast majority of others pursues flowering and are more eager to achieve results, to be fruitful! Our society has formed a habitual expectation of flowering results. For decades, Wu and Jiang’s art have been tempted by this "fruitless flower" and they can't extricate themselves: brewing, sprouting, forming, blooming. Yet the process in creating art itself is so fascinating, they have been obsessed with flowering process without seeking results. The works of this exhibition are the presentation of their current state.

Cat Summit 猫峰会 | Bronze, acrylic 青铜,丙烯 | 16 x 20 x 17 cm, 16 x 18 x 18 cm, 16 x 18 x 15 cm | 2019


Wu Shaoxiang (b.1957) is a veteran of Chinese contemporary art scene, well recognized in the 80s "modern art" period. Wu is the pioneer of Chinese contemporary sculpture, his "Coining" series are popular in the 90s around the world. Jiang Shuo (b.1958) is recognized in the 80s as well, her unique style of bronze sculpture wins a great reputation and are world renowned in the late 90s. Their work is in touch with real humanity, an insight into the hypocritical culture while focusings on the revival of humanity through art. They have a large number of creations with a sense of humor, which strongly impacted the conservative cultural taboos and left deep scars in that era.

* Since 2007, Linda Gallery has been located in 798 art district for more than 12 years and has been actively involved in the process of development of Chinese contemporary art. At the opening of the exhibition, we sincerely thank all the Linda Gallery artists for working together for these 12 years. We also thank all the support and assistance from our collectors, curators and media partners, as well as all the art friends around the world. We look forward to your presence in our gallery!

Wu Shaoxiang吴少湘 | Time Meteorite Ⅲ-Ⅶ 时间陨石三至七 | Stainless Steel, Print Books and Newspapers, Acrylic 不锈钢,书报纸,丙烯 | H:182cm | 2017-18 


林大艺术中心荣幸呈现艺术家蒋朔、吴少湘 新作展“无果花的诱惑”。这是林大艺术中心2019年正式开启新空间的第一个双人展,以这个双人展为契机重温和开启画廊新的艺术征途。展览将特别聚焦于两位艺术家近三年的新艺术创作,展示出他们在雕塑语言和成型手法上的最新实践。此次展览将展出吴少湘二十余件综合材料雕塑和绘画作品,蒋朔近十余件青铜雕塑作品。展览将于2019年4月28日16:00开幕,持续至2019年5月28日。

吴少湘和蒋朔认为:世上的树木花草,开花除了争艳,更在于结果以便传种。但是也有那么些只开花不结果的,它们在四季中度过烈日或严寒的煎熬,只为了有那么一个开花时刻,那怕只是一个短暂的瞬间,只为能形成自己的花,展现一下形、色、味。艺术家的生命便像是这无果的花。因为艺术是无实用价值的,艺术创作是艺术家个体的一种精神寄托和意念表述,其作品便是这无果的花,其价值(如果有的话,也是外人附加的)便是这“花”! 尽管绝大多数的从业者是在追求着开花并更向往着结果,而且是大果! 因为我们的社会已经形成了开花便结果的习惯性期望。几十年来,吴少湘和蒋朔从艺是被这“无果花”所诱惑而不能自拔: 酝酿、萌芽、成型、开放,这一过程是如此的引人入胜,不求结果的开花过程让他俩一直执迷。本次展览的作品便是他们这种状态的呈现。 

Wu Shaoxiang 吴少湘 | Stream 溪水 | Paper,Acrylic,Canvas 纸,炳烯,布面 | 110 x 90 cm | 2017



* 林大艺术中心自2007年入驻到798艺术区以来至今已经历经十二年多的成长过程,并积极的参与了中国当代艺术的发展,以亲历者的角色参与着中国当代艺术发展的进程当中,在展览即将开幕之际我们由衷的再次感谢与林大十二年来携手共进的诸位艺术家,以及支持并帮助我们的收藏家、策展人和媒体等所有国内外艺术界同仁,并期待着大家的光临!


开幕 | Opening: 2019.4.28  4:00 pm.

展期 | Duration: 2019.4.28-5.28

主办 | Organizer: 林大艺术中心(北京)

协办 | Co-organizer: 奥地利驻华大使馆

地点 | Address: 林大艺术中心(北京) 


Exhibition Installation View 展览现场图