Art Fair 艺博会 | Art Stage Singapore 2018 (26 - 28 Jan 2018)

Art Stage Singapore 2018
Jan 26th – 28th 2018
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For Art Stage 2018, Linda Gallery is proud to present three exceptional artists of our time, whose oeuvre has become emblematic of important artistic movements in their respective countries. Capitalizing on Linda Gallery's expertise in Chinese Contemporary Art, we are excited to showcase the works of two outstanding artists, Fang Lijun and Sang Huoyao. Fang's work captures a psychological snapshot of developing China, reflecting the isolation and turmoil of individuals caught within a state of development that supercedes their ability to cope organically. Together with other artists like Zeng Fanzhi and Yue Minjun, he is part of the core group of artists who sparked the Cynical Realism style, exuding a unified satirical tone in the rapid pace of China's development. 

Sang Huoyao is a master of ink abstraction, a rare artist in today's world who has continued the mantle of medium exploration. Having dedicated himself to the study of ink and silk painting for over two decades, Sang's work displays the aesthetic properties of ink by bringing out its luminosity and clarity. 

Fang Lijun and Sang Huoyao are two artists whose works may be approached as commentaries on the history and future of China. Together, their works invoke new perspectives about the country's social development as well as its artistic past.

Ivan Sagita, who is the pioneer of Indonesian Surrealism, introduced an otherworldly vista in Indonesian art, fusing spirituality with artistic imagination. For Art Stage 2018, Linda Gallery is proud to inaugurate his first solo exhibition in Singapore - The Three Dimension of Ivan Sagita: Standing on the Soft Place, which will showcase a number of his surrealistic sculptures that exude characteristics of Indonesian life.