Art Fair 艺博会 | Art Jakarta 2019 (30 Aug. - 1 Sept. JCC Senayan)

We proudly present the following artists’ mini solo exhibitions in Art Jakarta.The exhibition date is from August 30 to September 1.
Nyoman Nuarta is a world-renowned artist and the pride of Indonesia. His representative artwork Borobudur is also his famous artwork which is iconic, classic and educational. Nyoman Nuarta also develops the possibilities of copper wire in order to create sculptures  which present the reality of the material world. In this artwork, Borobudur IV, Nuarta shows a tendency toward representation in the conventional sense. It can be clearly seen how Nuarta takes realistic forms and develops them into realistic shapes which exhibit an entirely different kind of dimension. Nuarta once again exhibits his ability to exploit the quality of transparency inherent in structures constructed from wire in order to create the condition of simultaneously “being” and “not being”. This sculpture reflects Nyoman Nuarta’s basic preoccupation and concerns. The grouping of stupas at the top of the Borobudur temple symbolizes the boundary between the material world of the living and the spirit world. His artworks will be on a tour.
Jiang Shuo, a world-renowned female sculptor. Her representative artwork is the Red Guard series which began in 2003. These anonymous, open-mouthed warriors who wear the Red Guard uniform, are cast in the ancient lost wax technique. She observed and created light hearted sculptures that pose alongside with luxury items. These luxury items, replacing The Little Red Book, which were once demonised but is now a goal to be pursued. Jiang Shuo’s exemplary artworks illustrate the unique style and Spirit of Chinese Contemporary Art depicting the artistic motivations and progression. Her works are relatable to many people and are considered instagram worthy. Jiang Shuo has widely exhibited her sculptures around the world, including Austria, Indonesia, Singapore, and Switzerland. Many of her works can be seen in major private and museum collections.

Wu Shaoxiang's recent works from "Temptation of Fruitless Flower". These works are new works from the past 3 years demonstrating the artist’s latest practice in sculptured language. He believes that the trees and flowers of the world, in addition to produce fascination, bear fruits for sowing. But there are always some others that bloom and bear no fruits, spending seasons under the summer heat and freezing winter, in order to have a fleeting moment to blossom and show its appearance, colour and fragrance in a blink of the eye. The artist’s life is like this fruitless flower. Despite the limited practical value in art, artistic creation is one kind of individual spiritual sustenance and expression. His working process is fruitless, yet his value (if there is any, it is additional) is Flowers! Although the vast majority of others pursue flowering and are more eager to achieve results, to be fruitful! Our society has formed a habitual expectation of flowering results. For decades, Wu’s art has been tempted by this "fruitless flower" and he can't extricate himself: brewing, sprouting, forming, blooming. Yet the process in creating art itself is so fascinating, he has been obsessed with flowering process without seeking results. The artworks are the presentation of his current state.
Cai Lei, a successful artist among his 80s generation. His sculpture has always shown an interest in flatness, an interest which surpasses even his interest in volume and space. He attempts to use an extremely thin and shallow relief layering to create an illusion of spatial depth. The empty rooms are not old homes, yet they have that air of mystery that such old homes often possess.